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Well, not having an AGP slot can be a big bottle neck for your system when playing 3D games with lots of textures. The PCI bus runs at 33mhz versus an AGP 4x slot that runs at 266. The higher the number, the better...

What i would recomend is geting the ABIT BH6-2 motherboard (if you have about $120, or you can do what i did and buy the VH6-2 for about $90). Because if you buy another PCI video card, you will not be using the chipsets full capablities.

Oh, and yes, the GeForce cards are hindered by being placed in a PCI slot.

Drivers? I have a GeForce 2 MX and i get the most compatadability and performace with the 12.x series. Currently i use 12.60
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