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litle hack for kesettimer

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made a litle hack for kesettimer..

caustik has made a line

EmuCleanup("KeSetTimer is not implemented");

this will stop cxbx from runing when kesettimer is needed.. yust remark the line and the emulation runs longer..
here a example..
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Thanks shadow_tj, you rock :guitar: Keep up the good work.
can some one explain what i most to do with this 2 .txt files ? because i don`t know what i most to do, and the KeSetTimer error still appear ...
pfff been a while since i last openend the source code.

this post is about 5 years ago :)

but to put a very simple...

In the cxbx code there are lines with this text

EmuCleanup("KeSetTimer is not implemented");

Delete them and recompile your version of cxbx. then it will not hangup cxbx for some lines.

However.. THIS IS A HACK... KESetTimer is not implemented ... so it can hangup other things

best thing is to get the laters sources from sourceforge..
prehaps some new adjustments are made ...
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shadow_tj could you explain me how I get the source from SourceForge?
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