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Liteon DVDRW 1633S - Urgent help needed

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I'm having huge problem with my DVD writer at this moment. I was hoping that I can solve this problem here. So I have the liteon dvdrw SOHW-1633s. Everything burned smootly but yesterday I made the biggest mistake of my life. I've went over to the liteon site and downloaded the newest firmware and installed it. Since then almost every dvd came out all ****ed up. :cuss2: If i put the dvd back into the drive, the drive can't read it. I;ve eventried with the dvd player. Same result. Can somebody help me?
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Was it the right firmware you flashed? If not, see if you can find your old firmware, assuming you know it or backed it up. If not contact LiteON and see if they can help by getting you the proper firmware.
i used this to flash new firmware to my drive, made it region free and it works perfectly fine. i have the SOHW-832S by the way.
lol dvdr lite on Died early before.. didn't last 4 months though.. I'll not buy LiteOn burners anymor :p
What's the big deal about region free anyway? I can read NTSC and PAL dvd without a problem. I've found out that my old firmware was the BS0K. Downloaded that firmware and installed it. Everything is back like it was but smth is still confusing me. Normally it would take 8 minutes to write an entire dvd (8x). Now it takes 10 minutes to do it. The screen shows that the disc is writing at a speed of 8x but in reality it writes at 6x. I know this because I had a drive that wrote on 6x. CDr writes with a constant speed of 16x. It should have gone over the 16x since the drive is suppose to write at 40x. How come?
Only thing I can think of is make sure your blanks accept that high of a recording speed. Though I've never seen a 6x speed blank DVD, but I guess it's possible.....
They're 8x speed DVD+r it should write at 8x. It used to write a 8x too
its not NTSC or PAL at all. it's the Region of the disc. now that it's region free, i can play my Japanese (region 2) DVDs in my computer (region 1)
Try reinstalling the new firmware for your liteon. I just updated my firmware yesterday and my burner is 100x better then before. Lite-On LDW 851S.
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