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Hi everyone :)

I've migrated to Fluxbox from KDE recently becuase I was tired of KDE's bloat. There are some things I need to clean up/find out.

1) How do I change my themes for KDE/GTK-based apps when not inside KDE/Gnome? If possible I'd like to know how to do it without having to have KDE/Gnome installed.

2) I use GKrellm2 as a sysmonitor, and right now it only shows up on the first desktop in fluxbox. Can it be made to appear on all of them?

3) I installed engage from Enlightenment's upcoming DR17 release, but the little configuration dialog it comes with is incomplete (not surprising as it's still in beta ;) ) but I see that there is a config.eet file in ~/.e/apps/engage/ - does anyone know how to edit this?

4) Can someone recomend a good fluxbox applet/desklet/whatever fluxbox uses fot playing media files (to be used as a desktop widget)
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