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Linux - Joystick too sensitive.

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I just recently started playing with ePSXe, and I'll have to say it's damn nice. Only problem I have (which I don't with other emulators) is that my joystick is VERY sensitive in ePSXe. I tried OmniJoy, but it didn't seem to work well, padJoy works but a tiny tap of the d-pad on my Gravis Xterminator, or a sporadic movement from it (sometimes it'll send off a move of like 2-5 points, it doesn't stay 0 all the time) will make a move in the game, which is very annoying. I have tried running jscal and saving the settings it gives me, but it still is way too sensitive. I can confirm that this doesn't happen in ZSNES nor Mupen64.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Does your gamepad have a precision button to lessen the sensitivity of the axis pad?

also are you running at the full 60fps?
Hmm, no I don't see a precision button.. This isn't a cheap joystick either, I think it set me back about $40 a few years ago.. I've been using it with other emulators fine, but as far as linux goes, the only real usable PSX emulator is ePSXe..

And yes, I am running around 60 with the fps auto adjuster thingey set to on :)
Got an email from ammoQ today with his suggested fix, gonna try it tonight :)
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