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Linux: How to select CDRMooby plugin?

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Does anyone know how to select the CDRMooby plugin in the epsxe interface under Linux(Debian)?
In the Cdrom config, I can only enter the device, not select plugins.

Or does the plugin replace any of the Run commands when installed?

I'd like to play my CD image of WipEout XL that has CD audio music.

Thank you
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I-Chan said:
Try mikeshoup's linux emulation site, maybe you'll get some info there.
the websites wiki is down and a search in the forums shows nothing. But i am also interested in finding how to get the plugin working... should i run the cdrom option (which is only a path) to the *cdrmooby*.so? or should i just put it in the plugins folder and have it "magically work"? Dunno...
dbhankins said:
The Linux version of ePSXe does not support CDR plugins.
So why is there a linux cd plugin? is it for other emulators?
dbhankins said:
Yes. PCSX and a couple of others are available for Linux.

Have you considered trying Windows emulators with Wine or Cedega? I don't know how much performance degradation you'd get that way, but you'd almost certainly get better compatibility.
If there is a linux client i'd rather support that and use that then windows eumlator. The only area where i have to use windows emulator is in gaming and since i have alot of things to do anyways less gaming is a plus.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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