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Linux DRI and Pete MesaGL: Possible?

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Hi all,

I have linux debian SID and a Radeon 8500LE card , perfectly working with the lastest DRI drivers.

DRI seems to work very well, I get high speed in UT2004 where I can play without very much problems at 1280x1024 .

I've tried MesaGL plugin by Pete and the speed seems good, but in some scenes (those affected by the "Framebuffer texture" option in the config screen of the plugin) the FPS rate drops down to 1-2 FPS .

These scenes are those like those in Final Fantasy VII where you pass from normal play to the Battle screen or in Xenogears the animated sequences .

Did someone tried to play PSX games with DRI ? I'd like to stuck with these drivers because are more stable than the ATI ones and because I like open source and I'd prefer to mantain a completely open source kernel .


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