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hi anyone here that knows about linux help me out i just got xp pro two weeks ago and yesterday i thought well ill try and dual boot with redhat7.1 aqgin (had it set up preveosly with win98 se)and ok i set my partitions like this(and i know i should be using partition magic but im poor:p)with Fdisk like this

18.6 gig
c:/primary partition 4.6g winxp FAT32 set active
exteded dos partition 14g
logical dos drive d: 4g NON DOS PARTITION
logical dos drive e: 5 gigs fat32 isos and emu
logical dos drive f: 5 gigs fat 32 mp3s

ok now this was set up fine windows didnt see my 4g linux drive at all so i went to install linux and i picked that partition named hda/dev2 in linux speakand mounted it assigned 250 of that partiton as swap so all was good and i formatted the ext2 filesystem onto that drive(you can only pick that one) installed linux now when i restarted my machine (i was expecting windows to start because i set that partition active)) windows wouldnt i could still boot to linux with an old boot floppy i had from before(EXACT same config as before)but what it didi think was reformat my c drive along with the drive i told it to format but it didnt touch my emus and mp3s more if i get some good replys
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