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Hey folks,

I have eSPXe with my bios installed on the Windows side of my hard drive. But, I really am working on breaking my Windows addiction, so it'd be nice to get the video working.

I have an Radeon 9700 mobility on my laptop. I've tried multiple video plugins but nothing seems to be working. I get video output, but it flickers. Even though it flickers it doesn't hang up, so it's not a frame rate issue. I even dropped the frame rate on Pete's video plugin to 30 fps, and it did nothing.

I turned on vsync on the video drivers, but that didn't work.

I don't have this issue in Windows, is this an issue that is only cropping up with Ubunty, Hardy release?

Oh, and I only have one game for playstation, FF9. Maybe it's an issue with the game? But again, this isn't a problem in Windows.
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