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LFS: Samor vs Cloudvii

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Without any practise whatsoever Cloudvii managed to beat me at LFS ( the first time he played it, albeit in a quite unusual manner. ;)

movie here:
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Uhm well. Let's say I was inspired with my fighting games :p . Samor didn't see that coming :evil:
wow, nice glitch :p

so in the end, it was revealed : samor sux at racing games :evil:
Wow... pwned :lol: cloudvii is too addicted to fighting games...
LMAO, Kung-Fu'd your ass :D
Wow, I would deny such an atrocity. You're a bigger man than most of us samor :p
my initial reaction (the chat messages can't be properly viewed in the movie):
:lol: What can I say?

Pwned :evil:
LOL, thats so funny!
And evil!! :evil: Must you bring violence into every game??!!
oh yes, i love the bugs!
cloudvii you play LFS like i play NFSU2 :evil: that is the easiest way to win the Outrun races :p
Well, Samor won the race after ;) . And btw I dislike most car games, I just wanted to race against Samor at LFS. He's the one who recommended it to me when I wanted to get a PC racing game which enables you to make your own car skin (See i wanted the game not to play with it :p but to play in it :evil: )

Anyway, I'm not that bad at racings, I just don't like to play them much ;) . But yes that hit was on purpose :evil: (Sorry ^^ )
cloud you just drive.... like me :evil: pwned him :lol:
The evil powers of ngemu liked that....:evil::evil:

LOL, well it happens a lot when your just bangin around in the practice track heheh, plenty of deformed cars there.
yeah, I know, it was just more funny in this particular situation;
I call it the "stunts" bug. If you remember that old game, it sported a similar bug where you could drive "gently" into another car and it would fly away ;)
I guess the high amount of lag Cloud had also helped matters. uh, and of course his fighting game skills :) ;)
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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