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Lewpy's plugin..

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I was wondering why I'm getting better speed from my voodoo3 3000 pci with Pete's plugin than Lewpy's glide plugin.:confused: I mean, it SHOULD be faster, right??? Is it the drivers I'm using? (x3dfx) if someone can tell me why, I'd really appreciate it.
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Did you adjust any of you display properties. If you say changed the settings so that direct3d was at max perforance and switched on all the extras for glide, then it might be the case that petes D3d would be quicker than glide, I guess.

Now if you meant petes OgL ... then that REALLY confusing. If I remember correctly there is no native Ogl mode for 3dfx cards, just a mini-driver to convert it into glide.

Hence by making the system do more it is faster. No couldn't be that.:confused:
Re: Re: Lewpy's plugin..

Originally posted by hoyoyo80
I don't own a 3dfx card but when i try to use this plugin it say 'no 3dfx file found' (a little like that); if u can use it ,mean u own 3dfx...and vice versa...only my opinion!!!
:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

erm that fact is undeniable, as Lewpy's plugin uses glide and only voodo cards support this directly.

If you have any other card you would need a program called a glide wrapper. These use either d3d or OgL to emulate glide so that glide based programs can run.

However using an emulated 3dfx card to use a playstaion emulator in glide is not very sensible... after all the glide wrapper will more than likely introduce more compatiblity issues.
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