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Lewpy's plugin..

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I was wondering why I'm getting better speed from my voodoo3 3000 pci with Pete's plugin than Lewpy's glide plugin.:confused: I mean, it SHOULD be faster, right??? Is it the drivers I'm using? (x3dfx) if someone can tell me why, I'd really appreciate it.
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depends on the game as well.... try it with other games and you will see.. Tekken 3 runs slower on pete's then with lewpy's.. if you got a voodoo 3.. even with all the best settings on lewpy's and all the fastest settings on pete's the game still is faster with lewpy's..... And if you are playin FF9 then yes the game seems to run faster with pete's while you are walking around towns and talkin to people, but ounce you get into a fight or are in the world map, then lewpy's pluggin begins to become faster.... : just what I have seen with my voodoo 3 pci...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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