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Let me just repeat something I read at the FAQ part of Lewpy's site:

Q : "VXD Error: expected v1.4 found v1.x" error message
A : The file in question is FXMEMMAP.VXD. What the error message means is this: Glide is loading, and looking for the file it needs, FXMEMMAP.VXD. The file it is finding is the wrong version: it is too old. Therefore, Glide can't run :( This can happen for a number of reasons, but the main reason is due to stray copies of FXMEMMAP.VXD on the computer, that are not getting updated when the main drivers are getting updated.
A common place for an extra copy of FXMEMMAP.VXD is in the WINDOWS directory (it should only be in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory, and the WINDOWS directory is checked first in the path). If you have a copy of FXMEMMAP.VXD in the WINDOWS directory, rename it to FXMEMMAP.OLD (you can search your entire hard-disks, and rename all copies that are not in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory). Then make sure the latest version of FXMEMMAP.VXD is in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory (there should already be a copy of the file there, so make sure it is up-to-date ... the latest version is in the 3dfx driver archive that you installed).

Once you are happy your problems are resolved, you may deleted any FXMEMMAP.OLD files, as they are unnecessary and are just taking up your hard disk space :)

Now I haven't gotten EPSXE to run anything of a cd at all (just the bios) but I searched for this file and I don't have it. I was wondering where I could find it because it might help me out a lot.

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FXMEMMAP.VXD is only part of the Voodoo and Voodoo² driver set. It is not part of the drivers for the newer graphics cards.
That FAQ entry was written a while ago, when Voodoo²'s were king of the graphics world.
Your problems are something else.
Make sure you have configured all the parts of the CDROM plugin (ie. specified your CDROM drive twice: once via drive letter in the main emu, the other within the actual CDROM plugin itself).
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