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Lewpy's GLD with FM3 and LoD

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Hey there, mates.

I've got some problems with Lewpy's Glide plug and wonder if anybody can help me.
The problems are:
1) when I try to play Front Mission 3 with L.GLD 1.33 it just hangs after opening MDECs. game works with Pete's plugs, but graphic output on my Voodoo4 board is just... ahem.. ;)

2) Once playing Legend of Dragon with LGLD 1.33 there are blue pixels visible. It can be fixed in Pete's plug but can it be fixed in Lewpy's ?

Thanks ;)
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Almost blue pixel will be gone if you change resolution to 1024x768.
Well, it's not really a solution, coz 1024x768 slows down the emulation a lot :(
well what plugin's are you using for sound and cdrom?

i found that mysteriously ePSXe crashes when I'm using both Pete's DSound 1.8 and Lewpy's Glide. It works ok for the same game with only one of them; just not both at the same time.
So i'm using either Null2's or ePSXe internal for sound plugin with Lewpy's Glide.
I am using:
GPU: Lewpy's Gilde 1.33 (1024x768)
SPU: Iori's DirectSound 1.32
and i running game from ISO image.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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