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Lewpy's emu and DW7

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I was just wondering if lewpy was working on improving the performance of his gpu with dw7. I mean, it works, but there are glitches. Any updates? So far I haven't heard of anything regarding this since 1.35 came out.

If you need any help, I am more than willing to do some playtesting.

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Lewpy is a bit busy and he hadn'h had the chance to work a lot on his plugin(his homepage hasn't been updated since the PSXEmu time). Anyway, he hasn't left us, and I hope soon we will be having a new release again. PM him if you want.
Yeah, I am still here lurking :)
Seriously, though, I've not had much time to work on my plugin, and only working on it occasionally is not very productive :(
I have what I need (I hope) to track down a problem in Final Fantasy Tactics, so that's on my current "to-do list".
What game is "DW7"? I very much doubt I have it. What kind of problems are there, etc?
DW7 is Dragon Warrior 7, an RPG. I'd imagine there are a number of problems, considering Pete's plugins also have many difficulties in DW7.
Well, if all GPU's are having problems, it could well be a fault in the main emu.
Do the software GPU's have problems?
Pete's software GPU only has problems under certain configurations. I'm not sure about the other ones because I haven't seen anything about them yet.
Okay, let's see... Dragon Warrior 7 uses some very strange meldings of 2d and 3d. For example: The characters in the game are all sprites. Yep. Apparently they are textured on a (very) thin 3d plane to give them a presence in the 3d environment. The game uses the 3d engine to render all the backgrounds, even the ones that LOOK 2d(like the world map) this is why when you use bilinear filtering except sprites, the sprites STILL get filtered. It looks okay, actually. better than normal sprites. No cracks. Anyway I stray off course. Several major problems crop up. I'll deal with each one:

1. If you have frameskipping on the menus flash irritatingly. Non-critical, as we all know frameskipping is buggy :)

2. If you enable the text dialogue, whether to use the menu or just to talk to someone, apparently the game freezes the polygons being rendered then uses offscreen drawing to create a screenshot and display it in the background, then removes the 3d polygons from the display(this is ok, if somewhat wierd-why the heck did they even bother? The rendering of the polygons would have done just fine imho. Maybe a speed issue?). The emulator doesn't seem to remove the polygons properly(or at least, doesn't put them behind the screenshot where they belong) because you occasionally get polygon popup during these moments. Can be irritating. This is one that Pete's softgpu doesn't have a problem with.

3. Text is garbled and messy. Doesn't seem to render properly. Pete's softgpu renders this properly.

4. Big one: Having Off-screen drawing on in any form has a high probability of crashing the game. A state restore will fix it, so it's not an emu crash. I think. Having offscreen drawing off causes a whole lot of things to break, like those screenshots I mentioned, most spell effects(which are mostly 2d animations), but is non critical to the playability of the game.

I'll need to do a bit more experimenting before I can tell you more.

As always, these are merely my own observations from playing this game far too much! I could be mistaken.


Lewpy's Glide³ Plugin Configuration Information v1.35

Computer Information
OS : Microsoft Windows 98 SE (v4.10 Build 2222)
DirectX : DirectX 8.1 installed
Processor : AMD AMD Duron(tm) processor, 652Mhz (1 off) (00/0630)
64kb L1-I, 64kb L1-D, 1kb L2 (on-chip)
Memory : 256Mb

Core Emulator
: 25/06/2001 20:31, 153088 bytes

| Type | Name | Version | Date |
| BIOS | Scph1001.bin | | 13/03/2001 03:17 |
| CDR | W9XCDRCORE | 0.0 | Plugin Not Found |
| GPU | gpuLewGlide.dll | 1.35 | 01/08/2001 20:05 |
| SPU | spuEternal.dll | 1.10 | 09/11/2001 03:33 |

Board : Voodoo5 (tm)
Version :
File : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\glide3x.dll
: 02/11/2000 04:32, 329728 bytes
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For Lewpy , tell me when you will see in irc, i got this game, and i can send you savestates from it, what surely are very interesting for you :)

heck, so do I. Just my main playing game which is pretty far in(I've defeated Orgodemir in the past and resurrected God, and summoned the four spirits to challenge God, which was very interesting to say the least. I hope I didn't spoil anyone. I left it intentionally vague.

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