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lewpy with tnt2

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is there any way i can use lewpy with tnt2.and what are the best drivers for tnt 32mb m64?
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Lewpy's drivers are designed for Glide... which means it would only natively run on 3dfx cards (Voodoo series).

If you really really want to try it, use one of the glide wrappers... I don't know how well that'll work though.
nope lewpy is for voodoo cards. about drivers i dunno cuz i have a voodoo :D sorry :(
how to use a glide wrapper?i have evoodoo and xgl2004.but how to use them?
Do NOT use my plugin with ANY video card which does not contain a 3dfx chipset.
That includes cards using the TNT2 chipset.

THE END:smash:
If you read Lewpy's homepage, you'll see somewhere that his plugin does not support Glide Wrappers.
Why don't you use Pete's Opengl? You can get almost the same quality/speed. And your graph card is good enough.
You can also buy a new voodoo just to use lewpy's drivers! It's very good! ;)
for the drivers, i suggest using the old det's. the detonator xp is designed for geforce 3 and i use the det 8.04 or 5.30 for my TNT2 M64 card. :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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