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Well Lewpy glide is an ex api but many people are using the voodoos and glide is quite good for low end sytems.
It isnt true that D3d is as good an api as glide or opengl for lower end sytems because Ive tried them on the
k62/3 systems and basically glide is faster on these systems.

Final Fantasy 9 became very playable in glide with the epsxe v1.2 and above on my k63+ 600

It isnt Pete's fault but just the way d3d is on lower end systems.
Glide I dont know why but is already being dropped by the big companies but why does everyone think that all pc owners are going to upgrade just because the big companies do?

Like for the so called slump in PC sales, isnt it possible that most pC owners are satisfied with what their PC is doing, emailing, some work and casual gaming.

Like in many Asian countries, Latin American and African economies
it just isnt practical to upgrade a PC every time a new toy comes out.

We just dont have the same buying priveleges that Americans do.
Like even if most PC products are made in Asia, they are sold more expensive here in Asia than they do in the states.

Another factor is 150 to 200 USD is the base miinimum salry in many Asian countrie sand even lower so sacrificing a months salry without eating and such for a geforce2 mx isnt really a good idea.

Also no matter how low AMD gets, those boards really hit the sky so to speak and it's kind of hard to to set aside cash every month
for something that keeps spiralling way out of reach after you do get the cash.

So Lewpy hope you consider that we are pretty thankful for your plugins because it makes life kind of easier for us Asians.

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I think you read his post wrong! :)

He's talking about not even considering Starting a Glide plugin for Project64 (a N64 emu) because Glide is dying!

Why would he spend about £100 on a Voodoo5 PCI if he wasn't going to use it?? :)

As far as I can tell he's carrying on with his PSX Glide one!

and I quote
I am still working on the plugin, I just seem to have less time to spend on it at the moment.

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Well I did see that he mentioned it was time to make a d3d or opengl plug in.

I hope no one blames me but the later N64 emu's dont run well on voodoo cards and lowend systems.

I think only Lewpy is keeping glide alive in any emu so Im really concerned if he stops his plug in.

pete's plugins are OK but on my lowend system glide is faster because I guess that's what a voodoo3 is made for.

And It would be difficult to upgrade now when this system is still working.

Im really not into hardware fashion.

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I did not say I was stopping my current PSX Glide plugin.
I did say I was not considering starting an N64 Glide plugin.

Two different statements, for two different emulation platforms, made for different reasons :)

Notice there is a difference :)

I guess I will carry on working on my current PSX Glide plugin until it is not practical to carry on: whether for personal reasons, or because it is no longer needed. Which ever comes first.
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