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This is how it works. I will start a story (RPG style). And then someone has to jump in and start battling. You can do battle with anyone already in the arena. However, if your going to leave the battle completely then you must fit it into the story (say that you flee or something). To attack you must type the kind of attack you do, like slash with sword, cast magic, jump out of the way, whatever. Be creative. A few rules. You cannot attack and say that it hits the person you sent it at, let the person decide if it hits or misses. That's another rule, no one is invincible, don't just dodge every attack. Last rule. Be serious, stick with the story and remember where the fight is taking place, use the surroundings to your advantage. Also, when you first enter the fight you must display what you are (like a knight or mage) and your powers. And the name you wish to go by. You can't just summon a dragon if your a thief or something right. And now, to begin the story.

My name is Helios. My type is Red Mage. My powers are all the elements and I wield a spear.

The lone mercenary enters a dark cave. He knows not why he is here, but he follows his instinct. All of a sudden, the floor crumbles from under him. He lands in what appears to be a large underground arena. The floor is covered with a blanket of water, like a carpet. Stalagtites and stalagmites are everywhere. He draws his spear and leans against the wall. With his eyes closed, he thinks of what he should do next.
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