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Legend of Zelda: Name Debunked (Screen's and Proof Inside)

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This Zero here, trying to keep you the faithful reader of NGEMU up to date on the coolest news in the gaming industry. I also like to make sure that rumors are known to be false or true, well I was reading alot of "major sites" saying they knew the name of the new LoZ game. Sadly, it's been debunked. Don't go around calling it by the wrong name. Now for the Rumor...

A press conference was recently held for Loz. The news was the announcment of the new name for the game. The name? "Gates of the Realm". The bad part the press conference was actually about the game engine and how they have tweaked it since Wind Waker. The artist who pulled this picture off, didn't even use the right picture from the press conference. He used one from the anouncement nearly six months ago.

The 1st pic is the fake, while the second is the real shot. Just wanting to debunk this before I see members ranting and raving about the new name.

This is zero nobody signing off...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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