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I can play the game nearly perfectly no freezes or anything game runs at a constant 60 fps *can go alot higher if I hit fast forward* anyway the issue I am having is with the (Battle swirl) when it does the motion to enter a battle it drops significantly ... it feels like its going to hang for ever anybody know a way to fix this?

running Epsxe 1.7.0
Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9 (with the game fix)
2-3-3-0 resolution settings
texture filtering 4
no hi res textures

running from an ISO using a pal bios *I live in australia using an australian rip* DTLH3002

My system is:
Dual core 2.4ghz processor
Nvidia 8800gts graphics card 328mb
4gb ddr 2 ram.

Any help to fix this issue if its even fixable would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

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1-2-2 with the 1 and 2 game fixes enabled.
set render mode to 2 and enable the pixel shader for texture window emulation.

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Thanks for the input tested those settings and for me at least it made no change how ever in case somebody else has this issue I have found a solution. I changed my display plugin to:

PSX d3d driver 1.77

R8 G8 B8 A8
filtering 4
Hi res 0

under misc I set

scanlines off
unfiltered framebuffer updates on
color dithering off
screen smoothing off
disable screen saver off
Special game fixes on -- Remove blue glitches.

Although its highly likely that changing these settings to try and make it look better / differently should not affect the issue *on a side not I have had 0 dragoon black screens including the disc 2 black screen* that people are talking about with these settings.
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