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I tried LoM in Bleem! version 1.5b to see how it ran. Very disturbing.

First off all, Bleem was running 10 times as fast as normal. I lightly tapped the "left" arrow key on my keyboard and the cursor moved left about 5 to 7 spaces.

Even stranger, the music was doing the opposite. It was running very slow. If anybody knows how to rectify this problem please post. I do not need to post my system specs cause they are right above.

To see my hardware/software specs (my full DxDiag in fact) just go to my other thread on the VGS forum concerning my main issue.

BTW ALL, i have heard that LoM runs in Bleem perfect. I am guessing that if I can resolve this problem and get past the character naming screen (LOL, after 5 minutes of trying to get the cursor over the finish button I gave up), then maybe Bleem will actually turn out to be good for this game.

Please help to rectify my problem.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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