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Legend of Dragoon

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I've played Legend of dragoon with VGS 1.41
i'm stuck in disc 4 when the animation of the heroes rolling up to the top of the divine tree... the animation won't stop... even all the characters has rolled up...

i've read that someone can played the game without any problem in this forum...

anyone can help me fix this?
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You can't get much further past that part with any emulator at the moment (including VGS). You could mess around with your configuration a bit to go maybe an hour more into it, but it's simply not going to turn out happily one way or the other when you run into the final battle.
Try using ePSXe. I had that problem to that make me repeat it but doesn't make it better. After I save before jump to the top, I play with ePSXe and i finished the game with perfectly.
Errrr... Did you tried turning "hi res movies" off? I heard it works. But since I don't own this game, i didn't tried it.
It's nice you're trying to help and all, but this thread is a year old. I doubt thamrin still has a problem.
Well... I am planning on buying it, but since i don't own a PSX, I want to know if it can be finished using emus. (even if it means using EPSXE...)
No problem with ePSXe 1.52, but "hi-res movie off" on VGS 1.41 doesn't works.
This thread is dated 2001 hahaha:D
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