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Legend of Dragoon

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Hey. My friend and I bought a copy of "Legend of Dragoon" (old Squaresoft RPG) and we can't get it to work. I can't find anything about it in the FAQ so I'm writing here. I dunno how many people would have that game and be able to help me with it.


We've tried it on two comps

Comp 1 - 600 mhz, On-board video card (unknown chipset), 64 mb RAM... we tried it with Knack's soft plug-in, and Pete's Direct3D... and with the Null2's Audio Plugin and the built in. No success...

Comp 2 - 400 mhz, video card without 3D support, 128 mb RAM... We tried the same configs above (except with Pete's soft) with no success.

Just gets a blank screen when you start the game.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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First, try switching to the scph7502 bios as that usually fixes most problems with Legend of Dragoon (which isn't a squaresoft game btw, it is sony) and you also may need to enabled accurate cd timing.
Thanks...... will try and find that and see if it works.
Uh... heh... if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where to get a BIOS dump (specifically scph7502.bin) I would appreciate it (but don't tell me to "try google")

[email protected]
Sorry I cant help ya there but if u have an ISP that supports NewsGroups..I suggest you search on will be amazed of the stuff you can get there ;)
sorry when it comes to that, we are on our own.
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