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Hey. My friend and I bought a copy of "Legend of Dragoon" (old Squaresoft RPG) and we can't get it to work. I can't find anything about it in the FAQ so I'm writing here. I dunno how many people would have that game and be able to help me with it.


We've tried it on two comps

Comp 1 - 600 mhz, On-board video card (unknown chipset), 64 mb RAM... we tried it with Knack's soft plug-in, and Pete's Direct3D... and with the Null2's Audio Plugin and the built in. No success...

Comp 2 - 400 mhz, video card without 3D support, 128 mb RAM... We tried the same configs above (except with Pete's soft) with no success.

Just gets a blank screen when you start the game.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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