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Legend Of Dragoon white boxes and such

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Well, I bought this game a while ago an never played it. And seeing as how I just finished up my computer ---> Home Theater and T.V., setupd I figured this would be a good game to test it out on. Well, I've searcehd the forums and searched the forums and can't find anything to fix my problem.

In both opengl and opengl2 I get white boxes randomly on the screen and the games tends to slow down randomly also. With peops soft gpu they completley disappeared. I was able to minamilize them with the "fast" preset in opengl, but it looks like crap, and there still are some there. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good working config for opengl or opengl2, preferably opengl2. thanx
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Turn on LoD's special game fix (Don't forget to turn the main gamefix switch as well) and play with the filtering till you get something you like.
I've had the game fix on, messing with the filtering has made the boxes appear less but they still do appear, only seems to do it after an fmv...oh well its almost negligable now so I'll deal :)
Are you sure the box besides the button that leads to the game fixes is on?
yes...I'm not stupid...I've been playin epsxe for a LOOOONG time. Anyway like I said I can ignore them now for the most part, its not nearly as bad as it was to begin with.
Well im just saying with filtering set to 0, i never saw any boxes.
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