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Legend of Dragoon keyboard dont work ..HELP

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HI there
I try that game ,it starts and demo is played forever . I can change graphics settings with keyboard but key bind to pads button dont work. Why is that ??
Ive tried to change analog to digital by F5 (had it change in settings before) but it still do nothing.
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Have you tried configuring the gamepad in the Control Panel?
What gamepad are you trying to use?
i triedem all and no one worked
I said what gamepad are you trying to use? I cannot help you if you made an answer like that...

EDIT: Sorry, my mistake...I misinterpretated what are you tying to say...
Perhaps trying PSXeven might solve your problem.
And what possibly mean PSXeven ??????
PSXeven is another PSX emulator
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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