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I have read of a handful of threads that bring up this issue, but none of them really resolve it -- at least, they don't resolve it for me.

This is what happens: Upon running any of the LOD ISOs in 1.5.2, a blank/black screen appears. I can press escape, and return to the desktop as though nothing was wrong, but other than that... nothing else happens.

A few people bring up issues about the BIOS, but I really have no idea what they're talking about. That could be due to the nature of the BIOS file and how we should not direct people to it. The one I'm using is... scph1001.bin. Is there a specific other one that I should use instead?

Another thread in this forum has a user suggest someone email him for a beta version that would fix the problem. Nothing else in the thread seemed to indicate that solving the problem or where that beta can be obtained.

Help please.

edit- Seems the threads I was looking at were just crappy, probably because the answer to this problem is so common, no one even bothers to address it anymore... 7502 makes it run. I still haven't installed the patch... What are the chances that I won't have any problems? heh.
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