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Someone tried to tell me this WASN'T an illegal emulation forum, I find it hard to believe, especially considering you have forums regarding Xbox and PS2 emulation, how could anyone possibly make this claim?
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Considering you're a black person, get off my forums!
I'm a pirate, and I don't ****ing use PS2 and Xbox emulators. Or any emulators for that matter. For current hardware, it's not a ****ing feasible method of piracy.

Go sling some crackrock, blackie, this is my hood.
cowfez said:
What the **** is that supposed to mean?

Is this **** gonna stand? What the **** is going on?
Whatup gangsta?
I beat Wild Arms 2 the other week on ePSXe.. I own that game. Oh gnoes the legality.

cowfez: plz don't r.kelly on me
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