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Legal Music Downloads?

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i dont like legal music downloads becuase they dont give u the option of quality e.g. its always at 128kbps which i think is poor sounding and i think for the amount they charge they should have at least a quality choice i would like to see 192kbps option and even if you want the uncompressed version.
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Raiden01 said:
hey that site someone just submited is it good and legal and not a credit card fraud website.. has anyone used it
That was the russian site I mentioned earlier. I know some people who have used it, but I can't say I trust Russian sites, considering that Russia is known for having elite hackers.
can anyone clarify that site i realy would like to buy some songs off there $5 dollars for 500mb worth of music you cant go wrong
I get my music from it is a russian site... So far so good.... you can change your language to english in the upper left hand corner... If you cant read russian =P...
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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