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Legal back ups?

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I've been thinking about this for a while and i'm not sure of the legality. If I have purchased a game and I make a back up, and then the actual game is destoyed is it legal to still have the back up? I ask because I live in FL and as some of you may remember we had several hurricanes come through last house was flooded by IVAN and I lost a lot. However, I managed to take my computer harddrives with me when I evacuated. On the harddrives I have backups of the games that I no longer have hard copies of...does any know if it is it legal to have the copies?
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i'm pretty sure it's legal b/c they are for personal use only......of course congress is trying to screw us out of that.
I think the real problem comes into play when you actually need to proof they are legal because you once owned the legit copies.
When you sell a game, you also sell the rights to play it. If you merely mislaid your copy, it's different.
Does it matter that any proof I had to show that I did in fact own the game has been destroyed?
Tell them to look for proofs in the area where you got the Hurricane :p
Why bother? Just keep your copy, don't sell it and you'll be fine
lol, well I would've burned them already as well :rolleyes:
But that doesn't answer the question of it being legal or not :p

I hope that you are 'not guilty' unless proven guilty, instead of the other way around ;)
why worry? Got something to confess :nono:
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