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Hi, I've been using this forumn to answers a few problems but I have found a problem that was not listed yet. I was playing Ledgend of Dragoon on ePSXe 1.6 and reached disc 2. I stayed the night in the Twin Castle and now when I try to open my menu (triangle button) I get
SPEC Opcode 29 UNK (PC 000044fc) (000044e8) (2520114,113)
and im kicked out. Is there anything i can do to get past this problem. Im running from the cd, the orignal. My settings are:

Pete's [email protected] Driver 2.6
desktop res - 1024 x 768
32 bit color
window size 640 x 480
Internal x res - 1
Internal y res - 2
Testure Filtering - 0
Hi-Res Textures - 0
Gfc Vram - Auto
Off Screen Drawing - 2
Framebuffer effects - 3
Framebuffer upload - 1
Screen filtering
MDEC Filter
Special Game Fixes - 0x0001 Fake low compatibility frame read

My system specs are:
Amd 2400+
Asus A7v8x-x
1024 mb ram
Radeon 9600 gfx card 128mbs ram
Windows Xp Home
Newest direct X

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Im not sure what happened but i reloaded a save file from the memory card and it worked fine... Thanks anyways
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