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Ok, if you have the C++ version of VS 2008, get the lastest trunk of Desmume from here: Repository - [desmume] Index of /trunk using the "Download GNU tarball" option.

Open it with winrar or 7zip and inside it there is another archive as "trunk.tar". Open it also with 7zip or Winrar and inside there is a folder called "trunk". Extract it where you want (ex. Desktop).

Ok, navigate till this folder trunk->desmume->scr->windows and open a file called "DeSmuME_2008.vcproj"

Now select Release (public) or Release SSE2 (public) depend if your pc support sse2 as showed in this image:

Last thing choose on the top menu Build->Rebuild Solution, click Save and wait. The program will compile the code and if all is correct you should see a new folder in trunk->desmume->scr->windows called __bin where is your brand new Desmume called DeSmuME_VS2008.exe.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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