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Latest SVN builds

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Can someone post one? I want to see if it fixes compatibility with any of my games.. I think 1796 is the latest..
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I meant compiled - sorry I didn't specify. I don't have a code compiler on my comp
I compile DeSmuME from time to time as well. See my Emu SVNs link.
what sort of compiler do i need to compile this?
Visual Studio 2005 or 2008.
I think the express editions work, and they are free.
thanks guys, i learnt something new today from this thread
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the express version of visual studio 2008 doesnt work figures
Uh? Yes it works. It's what I'm using to work on DeSmuME (I'm also known as Luigi__).
considering i dont know a thing about the program how the heck do i even open it?
Then you should learn the basics of programming, or at least how to compile C code using Visual Studio.
how do i even get the svn uncompiled code open in visual studio 2008 express?
You open the project file with visual studio 2008 express
which file and is it and in which folder is it in in the src folder?. the only openable file in the whole folder spits out an error about not having the application installed and its an sln file. i went to open project file and checked ion every folder for an openable file and that was the only one and thats what it spit back at me. unless i dont have the right download.
Well first thing, which VS 2k8 express do you have, C++ or C#?
i dont know which version and how do i check? looking at the about box i just get Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition
Ok, if you have the C++ version of VS 2008, get the lastest trunk of Desmume from here: Repository - [desmume] Index of /trunk using the "Download GNU tarball" option.

Open it with winrar or 7zip and inside it there is another archive as "trunk.tar". Open it also with 7zip or Winrar and inside there is a folder called "trunk". Extract it where you want (ex. Desktop).

Ok, navigate till this folder trunk->desmume->scr->windows and open a file called "DeSmuME_2008.vcproj"

Now select Release (public) or Release SSE2 (public) depend if your pc support sse2 as showed in this image:

Last thing choose on the top menu Build->Rebuild Solution, click Save and wait. The program will compile the code and if all is correct you should see a new folder in trunk->desmume->scr->windows called __bin where is your brand new Desmume called DeSmuME_VS2008.exe.
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ok i know what the problem is its becuase i just have the basic studio and not one for a certain programming language. so ill grab the one for C++ then and get it installed and hope it helps
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