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last request for TNT2

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you guys say TNT2 AGP works well for ff9 in ePSXe, will TNT2 PCI work well for ff9 ePSXe???
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W/ dvd supported, u certainly mean that there s a Hardware compensation.

BTW, Yes ur card can mainly and easily support ePSXe, and so ff9...
use pete s ogl w/ it tough...and take the 7.xx detonator drivers at the . (better for tnt2 based card...)
Originally posted by 404
Unless if you have a fast Processor, Yes, TNT2 PCI works decent enough with FF9.

But afterall, AGP is way faster than PCI - why you care the PCI version? get the AGP version.
There are some mother boards that (and that s a shame) does not have an AGP slot.
Like the Intel 810 mobo for example...

1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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