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Downloaded the demo off Steam yesterday. It didn't work on Vista x64. :(

Thankfully, since it's a demo, I just booted into normal XP and ran it from its folder. Played it for an hour or so. My initial impression: a case of consolitis maximus. Hell, you don't even get a mouse pointer. :mad:

The way it's meant to be played is with an X360 gamepad. No, not any gamepad, a 360 one. During combat, you sometimes need to do some wee bit of QTE button presses. Unfortunately, my gamepad button locations doesn't match the 360's at all, and thus when the onscreen 'helpful' guide showing which button to press only serves to confuse.
EDIT - Found out you could rearrange the button configuration, after I understood what Critical Trigger actually meant that is. :p

The demo didn't come with a tutorial, so I managed to go through some combat without knowing WTH I was doing. And got the team wiped out at the fourth encounter (maybe it was a boss creature, I dunno).

Graphics-wise, the Unreal engine is at its home. Thus, the usual I get are around 60fps at 1440x900 sans AA. Pretty good, if a little dark at times. In terms of visual direction, I think I got a headache from all the HD going on. The city Rush starts in kinda looks like Rabanastre from FFXII. And everything seems to be in motion all of the time during combat (except when giving orders).

Will post more once I try everything out.

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One thing that bothers me is...when standing still and talking they do this weird half body jerk but their bottom half stays still.
Looks creepy.

I dunno if anyone else has this issue?

I do love the idea of a FF type game on PC. I detest consoles due to their limits/crappy parts they use so this is a great turn to me. I have the full version all ready (promotional copy) for free...but I plan to buy another copy to support the game for future releases and give it to a buddy for his B-day in 2 weeks.
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