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last hours of 2004

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What are/were you doing in the last hours of 2004?

I am waiting for the countdown, and sending my condolences to the victims of the earthquake
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Hmmm...I still got a plenty of time before new year (about 10 hours)

I guess I'll be enjoying the 2004 ego of mine before throwing out those new year resolutions..or maybe I'll be at the barber's shop getting a haircut. :p
I'll be drinking a beer at a friend's place and play a game/watch tv tonight :)

Watch out with fireworks ;)

Did you guys buy any? To me it's a waste of money so I didn't buy fireworks this year, I'll let other's buy it :p
I'm at work, having lunchbreak.... tonight I'm gonna celebrate new year at my brother's place; jan 1 is also his birthday. :)

no fireworks here. a waste ;)
'nuchtere hollanders?' ;)

Tomorrow I have to visit family as well.... part of the jan 1 tradition: visit the gramps wether you have a hangover or not :???:
hmm, it's new years of me as of 25 minutes ago. But leading up to it, i just went about things as usual. Wake up, get on computer, eat, get back on computer, eat, stay on computer :p
Cid Highwind said:
'nuchtere hollanders?' ;)

Tomorrow I have to visit family as well.... part of the jan 1 tradition: visit the gramps wether you have a hangover or not :???:
ah, well, in my case it's fun... my brother and I get along very well. :)
happy hangover-day eve!!!! eh, I dont know if I have a party to go to so it may just be me and "Far Cry" tonight ^^ my typical new years.
i gonna shoot fireworks. i spended 60 euros to them
The ending of 2004 brought us flooding, deaths and diseases.

I can expect 2005 to bring us the destruction of the human race.
it was 2004 17 minutes ago here, I was watching TV looking for a countdown that didn't air today
I am sitting behind my pc,watching as one of my most beloveth persons fades away from me and might kill herself tonight...and there is nothing I can do...I'm srry of this might sound shocking for me to just say this..but I dont really care about anything nor anyone's opinion at this moment..I can only stare my way into 2005..watching everything die...
LAN Party and Poker with friends. That's about all. I don't watch the ball drop, nor do i think it's for new years. I think we're just doing it because its friday.
I'll be with my aunt and cousins that I never loved, OH JOY :hdbash:
Still waiting for it... going to be a crazy night. Might wake up on top of someone... or worse... some thing oO
Spare the dog please.... :rolleyes:
bye guys. cya next year ;)
Goodbye Samor,We love you
i had a dream last night, about it being the end of the world tomorrow....
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