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Laserjet 6L not printing properly

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I have a HP Laserjet 6L with driver installed on my Windows XP.

When I print out a graphic intensive PDF file in Adobe 7.0 sometimes the printer will stall and other times the graphics look very burry.

In Windows 98 SE when I print out the same PDF file in Adobe 6.0 on the same Laserjet 6L the documents print out okay.

I have few questions:

1) How do I get the PDF documents to print out correctly in Windows XP?

2) In Windows 98 there are advance options were you can adjust the intensity of the print. None of these options exist in Windows XP. How do I get these advance options in Windows XP?
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Betamax said:
wrt 1. A lack of printer memory perhaps?
As I mentioned the printer operates okay in Windows 98. The printer doesn't stalls or print incorrectly.


I figured out the issue.

It is a problem with Adobe Reader 7.0.

When I went and uninstall Adobe Reader 7.0 and installed Adobe Reader 6.0 all the graphics were crisp and the printer is not stalling anymore.

Chalk this one up for buggy programming in Adobe 7.0 Reader?
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The adobe acrobat 7.0.2 update is out. Don't know if having that installed solves your issue.
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