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Laptop problems

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well i just borrowed a laptop from my school and i have a couple of problems with it. The main one is with the keyboard. When i attempt to type a key that also has an Fn key, that key is typed instead. (like L is 3 for example)
I also would like to know the latest nvidia driver that supports a geforce 2 go.
As always, any suggestions are welcome, esp since i need this fixed asap.

edit: the laptop is a dell inspiron 2650.
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Switch off the num luck. That should fix things. As for the drivers, AFAIK that card is included in the standard nvidia forceware drivers.
i think the omega drivers enable mobile support, but dont quote me on it.
well i fixed the keyboard. If I remember right this card is supposed to be supported with the latest drivers, but once its done loading windows, I just get a blank screen. I'll try omega's drivers and see if those support it right.

edit: Omega's drivers work fine on here. I might even put this on my desktop rig. One thing thats still bugging me though is the amount of memory the video card has (only 16 mb) Now this is the first laptop I have ever seen that doesnt let you change the video memory size, and iirc the mobile versions of a card should let you set up to the same amount of ram (in the case of the GeForce 2, 64 mb)But in the bios I cant select the video memory size, so am I just stuck with the 16 mb or is their something else I can try to do to change it?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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