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Signed up to give yall this info. I could not find a fix on the internet so I worked all day through the plugins and finally got it to run the Scenes (easy) and in Game (man am I tired)!

Emulator : PSXeven v0.19

Game : Koudelka for the PSX (ISO)

Graphics : P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver 1.18

Tweeks : check transparent FPS, Use SSSPSX FPS limit mode, USE FPS
limit, bubble in FPS limit (10-200) and set to 70.00 FPS. Leave all
Oprions boxes unchecked and scanlines disabled.

Sound : Eternal SPU Plugin 1.41

Tweeks : Keep at default DO NOT check any of the boxes in the special
game fix!

Game functions PERFECT. Enjoy!
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