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are there any emu that can run this game
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die hard kof fan eh? ;)

sfzero 3 I'm talking about....that game IS fast.
capcom vs snk was actually slow, but still very good.

to each their own I guess...
you can argue forever, but some ppl will prefer street fighter, others kof, some prefer both, etc etc....
:eek: Can't you understand that there are SNK fanatics everywhere, I just heared that there holding a big kof'2000 race in pakistan:eek: (talk about whoa!!!), and we can see that people still like the 16-bit 2-D games, that neo-geo gives us.
Can't you see that even the devoters of the neoragex emulator, gave all there efforts, for feeling that statisfaction need of that arcade gameplay!!!

nuff said buddy "we are that devoted fans :cool: !!!!"
hmm, interesting.

i'm aware of how popular the series is, but somehow, ever since the first kof, i stopped playing snk fighting games...
dont ask me why, cos i dont know :eyes:

to be fair, i must say i played a lot less fighting games around the same time. i always liked the sf series EXCEPT SF3, again i dont know why.

but i still played the SFA series, and the VS series, and sometimes the EX series (EX3 looks pretty cool, man).

actually before i stopped playing snk fighting games, i liked the first 2 fatal fury games, the first art of fighting, world heros (if you still remember it), and samurai 2.

so you see, i used to be a big fan of fighting games, but somehow kof just isn't my cup of tea.
Yeah your right sometimes it is hard to keep up, memorizing this combo that combo, then the combonation configurations changes in the next title and then you have to remember that to keep up with the league.
Indeed it is hard to keep up, these days:yawn:
They make it harder and harder every year, and even more complex. But I guess that's the hype now in the gaming bussiness..
yeah! i always loved samurai showdown. was that done by snk? as for -'where've you been'- i've been here, and i remember the series catching fire in the arcades when i was younger, but i was always a street fighter fan. i liked fatal fury too, tho i only played it a couple of times. kof never got me i guess.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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