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are there any emu that can run this game
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Originally posted by andré
i never got into the kof series. i just saw kof 2000 in the arcades...damn, sf alpha 3 on a psx looked better than that!! what's the deal?
Where the hell have you been these 6 years!? Ever since KOF '94 was released, I was hooked. Lemme lay down some tidbits why I THINK the KOF series rocks than the SF series:

1. The combos - sure, the SF guys can do it, too. But, IMO, they're
slow and less damaging.
2. Speed - The SF Turbo modes IMO, are soooo sloooow compared
to the KOF level of speed.
3. The fighters - they look WAY cooler than any of the SF bunch.
Originally posted by Samor
well, sfzero 3 is pretty fast though...
but yep, the character designs in kof are much better
Uh, no, it wasn't.

And then Capcom came out with CAPCOM VS. SNK. That game sucked @ss, IMO. There is no debate! 'Who is the strongest'? Oh please. There's no doubt, the KOF bunch of course!

KOF ROCKS! KOF FOREVER! End of discussion. 'Nuff said. Period.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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