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so u got kof 2k running... well here are something you might want to try
(well I can't think of anything to post cep for kof2k so I made this:) )
well some of them can be found on gamefaqs

how to make Mai's things jiggle:
just in case they don't jiggle for you in your emu do this: select japan as the region( to enable english text set the emu also to console and change text in options):emb:

maniac strikers:
(some characters have them)when picking your striker highlight the alternate then do u,l,l,l,r,r,r,d then press any button

see copyright protection:
when you play kof2k in nebula set it to console and to any region when you boot the game up you see the copyright protection and willwill not start the game(change it back to arcade the play)

play as Kula Diamond using no trainers:
set the emu to console and to any region Kula will be available beneath the random select slot

play as Zero:
i haven't found a way to play him without using trainers, as for the trainer, you can prolly find them where you got the rom

fell free to add anything I missed
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