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KOF 94-01 stages art

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No animations in the pics though :( (They look much better in motion)

First KOF 94 and 95
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Orochi Yashiro from 97 and kof 98 stages.

I'll try to post the rest tommorow ^^
I see no replies, but i see that you guys are downloading them ^^ . So I'll post the rest :)

And the worst KOF back grounds, KOF 2001 :(
Nice work! Did you rip all of these yourself? I may make a collage out of these for a desktop wallpaper.
Nope I didn't, though I used to rip NeoGeo stuff myself (and other 2D platforms)
For example, my avatar is ripped by me ^^ . Many of my rips were lost after getting the new pc.

Side note : If you want a specific rip from any 2d game you can pm me about it ofcourse ^^
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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