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kof 2000 with winkawaks

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i cannot get it to the rom,placed it in zip directory but when i load game it says kind of cannot find kof c1.rom something like this.but the rom is present in the to run the game?
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do you have the neo bios in the games directory.

if you downloaded the roms from a VERY popular chinese site then they should work.
i have the bios in the same zip as of kof2000 roms.and i did not get it from popular chinese site.but the zip was 41.55 the bios just 80kb or i have the wrong ones.any other suggestion?
but how can i play it on any emulator.every emulator keeps on giving that every rom in zip file is missing.
Hey mine is 38.7 MB and it works 100% ! re-name the zip to and put it on the correct directory and it should work
how to run other games on winkawaks.would i have to put the neogeo bios in the games zips.but i have tried it but always the same problem(missing roms).
Try using a ROM manager such as ClrMAME Pro, they can be quite helpful in these situations.

I believe Logiqx has dat files for Kawaks, along with a variety of other arcade emulators.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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