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Knights Online(free mmporg)

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Well its mmporg that i played few months ago when it was in beta. Few days ago i started again and its free to play. If anyone wants to play you can download it at . My screenname is Wolffactor so if you wanna play seek me out and i play at server Ares2. The game is really fun for good month till it gets dull. So for all those who wanna play mmporg and cant afford it then this game is for you.
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is that the one with the tiny green orc mages? i played it a while ago actually, if its free ill try it again
I've been playing ROSE Online for the past couple of months. I guess there's going to be a server reset this Monday. So I've stopped playing since my guy will be erased. Honestly, I really like ROSE, the graphics are cute and colorful and it is overall enjoyable for me. Hopefully it will be free to play when it comes out of beta.

Anyways, I'm going to give this Knights Online a try since it's free. The only game I'd pay for online would be FFXI.
I just stopped playing today at level 25. Been playing game for like 3 days. Im probably gonna start up early tommorow. One word of advise dont waste time trying to get armor like goblin armor. In the end its better to buy at outrageous prices like 150k instead of trying to collect.
i collected some of the goblin armors with my mage when i played a year or so ago :p so i guess this is the same knight online as i played before
Overly large, boring environments AND crummy 3d effects? Sign me up. You can download the game at Knight Online as well. The screenshots alone tell me it's nothing special though.
Meh... I tried Knight. And I don't like it.:p Usually if I like something, I'll know right away. This didn't do it for me.
Strider, yea this is the game we all played a year or so go when it was in beta.

I had fun with this a year ago, then moved from it to the Lineage 2 beta. I tried it again when it went to it's more perm. f2p. I just couldn't get back into it.

The one zone, the name evades me that is pvp is a pain. War's always felt gimped. Just wasn't there for me anymore.
so... server ares2... but do you play as the goblins or humans :p
i play as humans. I'm level 25 mage so if you wanna play you gotta catch up. If you need any help just send me a message and ill help.
hmm... i installed it, made an account... but when i try to log in i have three servers, none of which are those ares ones. When i try to go in game it tells me i dont have enough points or something like that
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