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Kirby 64 prob.

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every time i try to run this game i get this message.
plugins im using are followed too.
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Most likely a bad rom.. try getting another.
the internal rom title makes it look like the (U) [!] version....which is a good dump

ummm....don't use Direct64 at the meantime, and use Rice's plugin instead.

Also another tip when you finally get in-game: disable 'CP1 Unusable Exceptions' if you have freezing problem when you use a ability
Curious, but why are you using 1964? Project 64 works better and as far as I know has cleaner emulation. I'd also consider either using Jabo's or Rice's current plugin.
There's only one way I play Kirby, and it's with this configuration taken straight from my list. For me, the game is near flawless.

Suggested Emulator: Mupen64
Suggested Video: Glide64 v0.8 Wonder
Alternate Video: Jabo's Direct 3D8 1.6
Suggested Sound: zilmar's Audio Plugin
Suggested RSP: RSP Emulation Plugin Made by: Jabo and Zilmar

Although this is a 1964 forum, Mupen64 is the ONLY emulator that will give you the missing graphics in the HUD. Here is Kirby for me with Mupen, Glide, zilmar audio, and RSP:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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