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Hey. I wanna present KingStation - it's RetroArch fork, but no cheats/upscaling/overclock/rewind and other things.
Available on GitHub
It was created to provide same, not improved experience as like if you play on original hardware.
For now, KingStation is available on Linux and Windows, but could support as many platforms as RetroArch does.
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It also has modified cores with _e17 prefix.
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Another thing is integrated 'CRT-TV'-like shader. It's not very aggressive, allows you make simple color correction, like black/white levels, saturation, grain and blur level.
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It's a fact that untouched graphic from old consoles could looks ugly on modern displays. Billinear interpolation too synthetic, Nearest Neighbor scaling is too sharp and pixelated. Usually emulators fight with bad graphic with smart scaling algorithm, or image upscaling. KingStation way is making 240p graphic good with light pixel mask and some CRT effects. Not very aggressive.
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Another difference is keyboard shortcuts.
If RetroArch maps emulation functions on keyboard, KS provides simple control.
Escape button (not F1) calls menu, F2 is reset, F11 is fullscreen
Stock gamepad mapping:
WASD - Up, Left, Down, Right
QE - Select/Start
Caps Lock / Tab - L1, L2
P/; - R1, R2
Volume control (+- on Numpad) changes volume with 10% gain, not DB gain.

Now it could contain some glitches, but you can write in GitHub issues, or use Discord invite
Join the KingStation Discord Server!

About future: it will be good to have optimized UI design, cool sound feedback and icons.

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