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This was one of my favorite game (still is) it is a strategy /action with RPG elements released on the xbox.It has a very interesting story, enjoyable game play and awesome controls with a lot of combos.
in the story mode you get to play with to human races, the dark elves and with the orcish war lord faction. And only when you finish all four will you under stand the story. You can build up your army of a vast verity of unites including air support and siege weapons. Also you can level up your hero and officers, who are accompanying your hero and your troops levels. Buying armor and weapons for your army is also interesting. I mean image that your controlling 4 Catalans on the battle field and fighting side by side with your allies agents an army of your enemies. And you can call for air support do magic spells on your enemies or heal your troops.
There are some unlock able mini-games. Never tried them though.
I never played dynasty worriers so I wonder how is it compared to KUF?
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