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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days(DS)

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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Something that may of caught your eye a bit more besides the game's awkward title is the fact that it was released on the DS. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, like Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, takes place between the one year gap of Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2. Since the standing of the game has been cleared up, you are probably only wondering only one thing.

Is it any good?

Game Play

The life of an Organization XIII member, and Poppet.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days literally takes place in a day by day system. Completing one mission will advanced you by one day, but you usually only have to complete one or two missions to progress the storyline. After collecting certain items in your missions, you'll be able to tackle a more challenging version of that mission with pre determined rules by utilizing the Holo-Mission part of the ingame menu. Completing these special missions will earn you tokens that you can redeem for free prizes from your resident moogle in a black coat.

Indeed, it is still adorable.

Did you say limit break?

With the exception of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories on the gba, the Kingdom Hearts series is primarily a button masher. A basic combo can be initiated on the ground or mid-air by consecutively pressing the A button and can be branched by pressing the Y button mid-combo. Combos differ depending on what keyblade Roxas is wielding and some keyblades are attuned to magic, physical strength, or both. Enemies encounters are carried out traditional Kingdom Hearts style but can get a bit repetive not because of the amount of enemy types(there are plenty) but because of the frequency in which you run into them. Though the game starts off slow you'll eventually be able to dodge roll, glide, block, and use an arsenal of different magic. Of course, none of these things compare to the trusty old limit break, which will rip through bosses and enemies alike like a hot knife through butter. However, because this is one of the hardest titles in the series, you'll be using that limit break~often.


Pimp out your nobody!

This may come as a surprise to most Kingdom Hearts veterans and fanatics, but Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days allows for full combat customization, YOU get to choose what skills and abilities you send Roxas into the field with using the panel system. Panels can be obtained by completing missions, synthesis, and can be bought from your resident moogle in a black coat. Certain panels can be stacked and come in a variety of different shapes and sizes forcing you to make space for your panels to all fit correctly. Depending on what weapon panel is equipped, the appearance and stats of Roxas's keyblade will change and extra panels can be stacked on the weapon panel in order to give the keyblade more abilities or increase stats such as attack and defense. One extra panel slot is awarded for each mission completed and some are only attainable by opening chest or completing special conditions on a specific day.

Its quite obvious that this heartless doesn't eat people......I think.


KH 358/2 is a fun button masher but can get repetitive. Props to the camera man for screwing up, again.

Score: 7.4


KH 358/2 Days tried very hard to capture the graphical quality of the ps2 titles. In fact, it tries so hard that it forgot to include any new areas whatsoever. The whole 358/2 Days experience is spent traveling through rehashed areas from previous games down scaled to fit the DS. However, the graphics of this title are probably the best 3d on the system. Character models are detailed and while your rehash radar will be off the charts, the areas are ported very well. The pre-rendered videos are of a slightly higher quality than that of previous titles on the ps2, but they never fail to impress graphically.

Not a blemish to be seen, being a nobody can't be too bad.


The game would of probably looked better in 2d, but this a great 3d effort on the DS.

Score: 8.6


Piece Together The Shattered Chain of Memories

KH 358/2 Days starts at the ending of Kingdom Hearts I and ends at the start of Kingdom Hearts II. The story focuses on Roxas, a nobody with the power to wield the keyblade, and his time spent in Organization XIII. Fans were probably wondering about the "You hold half of what he is" statement directed at Roxas in the beginning of KH 2 and the meaning is explained pretty clearly in this game. A 14th member, with the power to wield the keyblade, is introduced to the organization. Dubbed "Poppet", this member has a striking resemblance to someone very important to Sora . Roxas befriends the 14th member and strange things begin to occur which makes Roxas question his position and his existence.

A scattered dream that's like a far off memory. A far off memory that's like a scattered dream. I wanna line the pieces up, yours and mine.

Chaining Together Those Loose Ends Only For the Sake of Creating More Slack Ones.

The story is primarily told through repetitive sequences taking place on top of a certain clock tower. This can get old pretty fast, but considering most rpgs nowadays don't even bother to develop their characters, it doesn't detract from the experience. The ending of story is already known to fans, but its still pretty interesting.
Some may think of the story of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days as one big wad of fanservice, but I think it deserves something more.

Score: 8.2

The games intro utilizes, or rather rehashes, "Sanctuary" by Utada Hikaru. The whole sound track, with the exception of Xion's theme, is a rehash of pieces from previous Kingdom Hearts titles. That being said, the music is top notch.

Score: 8.6

Overall Score:

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Nice review Xblade.

Would have liked to hear more of the story.
How is that connected to the main series?

Since this is a Wip I'll come back later when you finish it.
Basically, the game shows what Roxas went through during his year within Organization XIII. Due to how the Organization works, not much could be done about it, as the game feels like "work" at times. Repetitive things, one after the other. But that's actually what happened.

There are quite a few twists here or there, to keep things interesting as they go, though.
Nice awesome review. I have to give it to you for all the context you put in there. As far as kingdom hearts goes, yes it is primarily a button masher; but you can also use magic and limits here and there too. It would be cool to play Roxas' side of the story as I have not played Kingdom Hearts chain of memories, but the enemy rate for Kingdom Hearts 2 was/is pretty high. 358/2 days probably wouldn't seem any different, but as far as that goes it does look like a regular kingdom hearts look alike, except that Roxas is the main character.
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