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I saw your configs in an earlier thread, Have you been able to get it to run off an actual CD?

Backup or PSX I get nothing.

Unfortunately I am totally out of HD Space so I cannot use the CDimage plugin.

Here is what I get
(.) Motion Decoder Engine...
->(.) Using MDEC for MMX technology engine
(.) Initializing CDROM engine.
->(.) SCEA zone selected.

Drive F: TOSHIBA CD-ROM XM-6602B on ESDI_506
Sense Key: 0x 5,0x20,0x 0 (cmd 0x1A)
Illegal Request
Using ReadCD

(.) Initializing BIOS resources...
->(.) Loading 'SCPH1000.BIN'...
->(.) Compiling...
(.) Loading files...
->(!) Failed LibPS.exe loading.

Opening console...
max() : cdRom() = 10
TYPE : 6 free button or flying-V form
PS-X Control PAD Driver Ver 3.0
SetGraphDebug:$Id: sys.c,v 1.16 1994/08/23 08:30:20 suzu Exp $
SetGraphDebug:GPU_debug=1 GPU_type=0
random seed is 3927

Only Bios shows up no matter which CDPlugin I use.

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Yeah, I've run Chrono Cross on CD...using Pete's CD driver only...

Looking at your output there, I'd say the problem probably rests on the "Illegal request" in your CD-plugin's output. On a normal PSX, if it doesn't find the CD, it will run the BIOS...I'm thinking that your plugin is not using your CD-ROM correctly (Even if it looks like you got SOME life out of it, but it's still confused).

My advice - Look for a game that you KNOW people are playing successfully (Chrono Cross, etc.), and keep trying different settings w/ Pete's driver - It really does seem to cover all CD possibilities. Just don't do the Auto-detect (I assume you have and it crashes). Me personally, it crashes when I do that, and I have to go to the 2nd Atapi to get it to work.

Good luck, hope that helps

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Yeah I fixed it apparently I had Petes 1.3 in Fpse & 1.4 in Epsxe.

Both stopped working

Copied 1.4 to both, All better now.

Thanks for the tip though.

Hows your Mdecs in Fpse? Mine are worse than epsxe not what I expected from the posts I'v been reading but hey, who's complaining?

Glad to have another working PS Emu. Now if I could only afford the new Athlon then we could see some smokin FR's?

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