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Keyboard problems in certain games

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Well, i wasn't sure where to put this, but i thought it would fit here best. There's lots of games out there that have a internal soft reset configuration such as most final fantasies and others. Well, whenever i press and hold more then 3 keys on my keyboard, a sound pops up. I guess my com thinks that im just button mashing or dropped something on my keyboard, but this is bad. Does anyone know how to override this in windows? I have windows xp professional,'s a dell if that helps.
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Hmmm, this is just the way all windows keyboards work. So the only way around it is to get a gamepad.
yeah, no way to get around it.

in fact, if you've ever played Chrono Trigger on SNES there's that part where you have to press like L R and some other buttons at once. you cant do it due to the keyboard limitations, so ZSNES has a built in button to press all those at once.
it is called blocking and is a built in feature of your keyboard firmware. technically, if you try and find them, you can actually hold up to 8 keys at the same time on a usb keyboard. it has to do with the matrix scanning and whatnot..
bunches of info on this in the mame scene..
hmm, epsxe should add a feature like zsnes then. where u can bind 2 keys together or something.
or perhaps mr. iceedge should get a controller :p i kid, yes, but really that's the best solution. of course, if it's not possible for you to play with a controller then you're SOL.
I have over 6 game controllers for my PC. Most of them cost me just 110yen. (About $1 US) And all of them work great. With rumble and analogue.
Almost all new keybs are built with cheap materials and in cheapest way, so they do not recognise more buttons pressed than 2 or 3 or so. Get as old keyboard as possible that still works from some recycle center or something. They can recognise insane amount of buttons pressed at same time.

I heard that Keytronics some model was built in old way and can recognise huge amount of buttons pressed, so its perfect for gaming or so. It even looks like those old keybs. :lol:
Then again, if he can afford to buy a new keyboard, he could just buy the gamepad instead ;) .
But then again, if he has gotten used to keyb, gamepad would only be in his way... :lol: Plus you can play FPS games helluva lot better with good keyboard than good gamepad. :p
Yeah I got a new keyboard recently (a gift) and it sucked. couldnt press two arrow buttons and a letter at the same time.
Old keyboards, however, allow for good amount of key pressing.
as far as reset seq. goes try putting some of the buttons into ctrl and shift.
my config:
z,x,c,v : square, x, o, triangle
a,s,d,f : l2,l1,r1,r2
(left)ctrl : start
(left)shift : select
hmm...thanks for all the replies guys. I'll keep looking, but in the meantime, can neone suggest a good gamepad?

These two brands should do.
Well, for starters the latest Microsoft Sidewinder (USB or Gameport version) has 8 buttons, 2 triggers and a digital d-pad. It’s good for most emulation and very low price. But the d-pad isn’t the best for fighting games.

But for things like analogue and rumble support you’ll need to go with other companies. At the moment I’m using a hammerhead FX. But I don’t think you can find them new any more. (The company is out business)
I advice avoiding logitech pads unless its confirmed that they do not have that bad potentiometer problem. I have heard good things about Rumblepad 2, but in earlier logitech pads analog stick loses its calibration, almost all of them, (some in few days, some within six months) and rendering them useless. No problems reported with Rumblepad 2 so far, but im still cautious.
From what I hear from a lot of people the best solution is a console controller converter. That would allow you to use game console pads on the computer. I’m researching this myself at the moment.
I have used Gamecube pad thru adapter for a while, and have been quite satisfyed. Rumble's and all working.
cool. yea, if u go to u can see that adapter that lets u plug in console controllers. Awesome. thanks a bunch.
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